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el.novillero_ 2022

el.novillero_ 2022


52  €* 0.75L

(69,33 €*/L)

*Preise inkl. MwSt

Alc: 13,5%


A young man full of energy and ambition. He wants it all and believes he can have it. His secret? He fights for what he wants. He doesn't just dream; he acts.

His body is always warm, filled with the heat of his determination. It's hard for him to cool down, to switch off this powerful drive.

But there's one thing that helps him relax: the quiet mornings before the day's hustle begins. These peaceful hours before he throws himself back into the fight for his dreams.

These calm moments give him a chance to rest and prepare for the day ahead. In these early hours, he finds his strength and readies himself to face the day, eager to continue his pursuit of his goals.

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