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kiser.ranch_ 2022

kiser.ranch_ 2022


80 €* 0.75L

(106,66 €*/L)

*Preise inkl. MwSt

Alc: 13,5%


Picture this: She's sitting on the edge of a cliff, letting the wind play with her hair. The strong sea smell fills her nose, and she can taste the salty water in the air.

The wind whips around her, tangling her hair but she lets it dance freely. The air around her is thick with the salty scent of the sea, a refreshing reminder of the wild ocean nearby. Above, the sun is trying its best to break through the fog.

Once the fog lifts, the heat will return, bringing a warm, comforting feeling. Yet, despite all the changes, one thing remains: the harmony. The peaceful balance in the midst of the wind, the dancing hair, and the fight between the sun and fog. She sits there, a symbol of calm in the wild dance of nature.

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