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welcome to amatwine
the international wine brand

Domenic Amat doing a punchdown in a wine barrel and smiling

Domenic Amat is the winemaker and founder of amatwine. He was born in Michigan (US) and grew up in Ingelheim am Rhein. His grandpa was always a big role model for him because he was a winemaker as well. As a child harvest was always Domenic’s favourite time to visit his grandparents.

three pictures of harvest
Just one year later he decided to found this rather unconventional start-up amatwine. 
About his way of producing Domenic says:”it is hard manual work and long time spent in the vineyard paired with passion and fresh mind. All that flows into small barrels and as a result I can present you with a very personal wine.”

And the first personal wine he created was palmstone_ our favourite, bone dry sparkling wine.

wrapped wine bottle and glas
monastic.path_ our beautiful bordeaux blend, which is dancing a waltz in your mouth, was also created in his first  year.
a hand holding a bottle monastic.path_

In 2019 he decided to go back to his birth country the United States of America. To be exact to Sonoma California, to learn more about the perfection of winemaking.
american, German and Californian flag waving in wind
There are not many cases of the wines made by Domenic available.
After his stay in The United States he started studying  International Wine Business, to learn more about the world of wine.
In 2020 the creative mind Annika joined amatwine. She is the organisational talent, social media manager and photographer of amatwine. She also studies international wine business and is a big part of creating amatwines story from now on.
two pictures of annika smiling