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welcome to amatwine
a German American wine brand

the process_

we combine traditional techniques and knowledge with new trends and sometimes even crazy ideas. It is hard manual work and long time spent in the vineyard paired with passion and fresh mind. All that flows into the small barrels and as a result I can present you with a very personal wine.

the production_

the amatwine production is located not only in the north of Rheinhessen. Every other year we also produce wine in the United States. In Germany there are several valleys with specifics microclimate that are perfect to develop a complex and balanced fruit aroma. There amatwine is made in Ingelheim. In California we produce our wines at the Schug Carneros Estate in Sonoma Valley. In the future we ar planning on building a warehouse winery out of containers surrounded with beautiful nature and vineyards. This will provide an amazing experience for visitors and customers in the future.