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This wine makes us speechless, it matured for two years in a french oak barrel and was bottled in just onehundred burgundy bottles. It's an outstanding wine combined with the newest validation technologie
480 €*
0,75 liter (640€*/1 liter)
*inkl. MwSt.
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Wines got more and more counterfeited in recent years. Criminals make money off selling products to the market that are either stolen or counterfeited.

This wine is linked to a non-fungible token (NFT).

By linking the physical wine to the token, the traits of the token also transfer to the wine. Transparency over the supply and ownership are the result of the linking.

The Linking is achieved by defining the wine in the NFT metadata. The greatest effect is obtained, by a unique identifier on each wine bottle. You can find it directly on the bottle and in hidden places.

When distributing a wine to the market amatwine hands out the physical good with the linked NFT to the customer. The customer then becomes the owner of the NFT and can use this ownership to prove to other market participants an authentic and unique product from the amatwine.

Criminals cannot prove the ownership in that way and will get rejected by the market.

The official and only smart contract for this wine is: