that is Tristan (winemaker, technical school), Toni (winemaker at J.Neus) and Domenic. We are united for years not only by a close friendship but also by the idea of a unique wine project.

Together we have harvested, pressed and vinified three vineyards next to the three rivers, Mosel - Saar - Rhein. What sounds so simple was quite an effort. Not only did we have to find the right growers. Together we mastered all ups and downs and produced three beautiful, very distinctive Cabis. As a result, three different origins were fermenting side by side.
(Cabi is a beautifully balanced crisp style of wine. The residual sweetness and a fresh acidity makes this wine a lemonade for grown ups.)

The idea to do something good by using a part of the profits was set for all of us from the very beginning. But due to the current situation in Ukraine we are acting now. We have the chance to help, and therefore we are united: we just give everything! We give everything to people who really need it.


We give all of our profit to the organisation below. What about you? Regular price to help and enjoy for the package of 3: 50 € + shipping.
You want to help even more? Then buy the same package with an additional donation of 25, 50 or 100 €.

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donated money goes to: