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the wine we make

Domenic & Annika

amatwine means finding the best places to follow our passion and capture memories in our own way.

Domenic holding a wine glass and putting wine into itannika holding a wine glass and smiling in the vineyardsmore about us


germany outline

Rheinhessen, the wine country where Domenic grew up and took his first steps in winemaking. He learned a lot from his grandfather, uncle, friends and many other winemakers there. The first amatwines were created in this wonderful German wine county.

california outline

USA, the birth country of Domenic. He came back in 2019, to learn more about winemaking in California. While sitting on the plane he realised that he couldn’t produce amatwine in Germany this year, that’s when he decided to ask the winery in Sonoma to produce amatwine together with him. amatwine started travelling with Domenic.

mallorca outline

Mallorca, Spain. An island we have never travelled to before. Known for beautiful mountains, blue beaches and wonderful nature. Not really for it’s amazing wine. In 2022 we went there to change something about that. To create a paradise of and for wine. Of course amatwine will be produced in this paradise.


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