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a German American wine brand that
combines traditional techniques with new trends and sometimes even crazy ideas

creating an awesome wine experience that you will never forget

I always strive for perfection and which, of course, is also represented in my wines the process from the vines in the vineyard to the wines in the cellar is what I am passionate about
to make sure that everything is done the way I believe is best for the vines is most important to me.


creating an awesome customer journey that you will never forget

I’m all about the details, that’s what makes amatwine so special my perspective and creativity gives you a very unique over all experience with the brand Amat


palmstone_ is our amazing sparkling wine, of course it's harvested by hand like all our wines are every bubble that you see in the glass at the end is coming from nature itself palmstone_ is perfect for any kind of partys You are interested in the grape variety? We just call ist palmstone_!

available November 2021
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"if you are closing your eyes the berries are almost dancing a waltz in your mouth" every berry is fermenting by her own, only with wild yeasts and then the wine is squeezed by hand into new french oak barrels after one year it is bottled without any sulfur it's our bdx.blend_

available October 2022
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this Pinot Noir was made in California, Sonoma cool climate, chill nights and fog is what it takes to make an awesome Pinot, so Sonoma Valley was the perfect place to make one and that is our favourite Pinot!

available at Freiheit Vinothek Ulm
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this years nft.special_ is called droves.road_ it's a Merlot that matured in the Barrique for two years, we only filled 100 bottles of it by hand 



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